Adding Custom Byts

A Custom Byt is a byt that does not exist within the group. For example, if you had a group that had airfare and concert tickets only, you could use the "Add Custom Additional Byt" Function to add a Gift Bag to this Guest Profile. 

PRO TIP: You will need to create the byt in the "Event Byts" page first, in order to add this custom byt to a Guest Profile. 

Start by clicking the pink "Add Custom Additional Byts" button on the bottom on the "Byts" tab. 

A modal will appear will a dropdown of all unused byts. Select the byts you would like to add to this profile. Set the quantity of each byt. 

To save changes, click the green "Save" button. These byts will not appear in your byt list within the "Byts" tab.