Adding A New Group

Groups are the backbone to Ribyt. After you have created byts, you will be able to compile these byts together to create a "Group."

Groups can be used to organize your guests. For example, I may be organizing a conference. There are many different "groups" of people I will need to manage in order to have a successful event. Here are some examples of the groups I would create for this event:

  • Working Staff
  • Volunteers
  • Attendees
  • Vendors
  • Speakers

A person in each one of these groups will be present at the conference- however, they will ALL have different experiences. 

Groups are where you can manage those experiences. 

To create a new group, click the pink "Create New Group" button on the "Create + Manage Groups" page. Here, you will be required to enter the Group Name to get started. For this example, "Working Staff." 

I then can manage the dates in which this group is active. The dates will automatically default to the event dates, however, since my staff is flying in early for set up, I will change their start date to 4 days before the event. 

I can manage how many people I can invite to the "Working Staff" group but limiting the quantity. Slide the "Limit Quantity" slider to Yes and enter the amount of invites you want to send for this group. If you want to be able to send an unlimited amount of invites, keep the "Limit Quantity" slider at No. 

You can also determine if this group will be able to bring one or more companions. To add companions, slide the "Include Companions" slider to Yes. Here, you can change the quantity of how many companions. 

Add all the byts that this group will receive- think about it as building their itinerary! Here are the byts that I have added for my "Working Staff" group:

  • Round Trip Airfare, Economy
  • Hotel Accommodations
  • Training Meeting
  • Duty Meeting 
  • The 2016 Conference- Working Staff Credential

You have the option to add a custom field while creating the group. The custom field will appear within a Guest Profile. For example, I can add a field that is labeled "Duties." On each profile, I would be able to enter the duty of each one of my "Working Staff" guests.