Creating a Template Report

To Create a New Report, you may choose to start with a template.

Click the pink "Start with a Template" button on the top left hand of the page. In the dropdown select the template you would like to use. Once the template is selected, a preview of the template will appear- displaying all fields. To use this template, click the pink "Start" button.

Enter a name for your report. Note: Each report must have a unique name. Next, select your event/s in the "Select Your Event" dropdown. This will determine which event/s the report will pull data from.

You may choose delete fields from this template report. To delete a field, click the "X" on the right of the row for each field you would like to delete. 

Once your report has been complied, choose the "Create Report" button to save the report OR choose the "Save & Generate Report" to run the report.