Customizing RSVP

You will be able to customize the RSVP experience for each group in the "Customize RSVP" section.

1. Add a Banner Image:

This banner image will appear on all pages at the top of the RSVP site. To upload a banner, click the "Click to Add Banner" section. Here, you will be able to upload and crop the banner image to display properly on the RSVP site. Click the green "Save Image" button. 

Note: This banner image will also appear at the top of the Guest Itinerary. 

2. Add a Welcome Message:

This message will display to your guests at the last step of the RSVP process. You can customize different messages for a "Yes" and "No" response. 

You can also edit the button text in the "Yes" Button Text and "No" Button text fields. These buttons will appear on the first page of the RSVP. 

3. Collect Guest Information during RSVP

Check/ Uncheck all of the fields that you want to be visible on a Guest RSVP. All fields that are checked will be visible to your guest during the RSVP process. 

4. Add Legal Documents

Use the "Legals" dropdown to navigate to any legal forms you have stored in ribyt. Legal forms come in handy if you require guests to complete an NDA, W9 or other type of document in order to attend your event. This electronic document will be available for your guests during the RSVP process (through a HelloSign integration).