All Of Your Events. All In One Place.

Once you login to Ribyt, you'll be taken right to your Event Dashboard. This is where you will see all of the active events you are working on. In the screenshots below, you will see that each event can have it's own identifier (image), which can be uploaded when you create your event.

Hovering over each event image will give you options to "Manage Event", share the event with a teammate (arrow symbol), or delete the event (trash symbol). Ribyt will ask you if you are sure you want to delete an event (screenshot below).  Once an event is deleted, it cannot be retrieved. However, if you have stored guest data in your address book, that data is available for other events.

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Ribyt Dashboard Showing All Active Events + Hover

Ribyt will confirm that you want to delete an event before it is deleted.

Ahhh, The Memories

Once an event expires (as determined byt the "End Date" when setting up a new event), Ribyt moves it to a "Past Events" list available at the bottom of the Dashboard. Click on any past event to view.

Past events include every morsel of data including byts, groups, invites, RSVP status, guest profiles, and guest travel details. You can delete a past event by clicking on the trash icon. Remember, once an event is deleted, it cannot be retrieved.

You can still generate reports from past events in the reports tool.

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Viewing past events is easy!

Work To Do!

To manage an event, simply hover over an event image on the Ribyt Dashboard and click "Manage Event", or click on the link in your Past Events list. This will take you to the Event Settings page for that event. Once you are "inside" your event, you can manage everything.

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Let's Get Started.

To Add an Event, simply click on the "Create New Event" button on the top right corner of your Event Dashboard. This will take you to the Event Details setup page - where it all begins!

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