Viewing Guest Profiles

As you send & save invites, Ribyt will automatically create profiles for each one of your guests. You will be able to access a Guest Profile two ways:

  1. Click their First or Last Name in the "Guest Profiles" table on the "Profile" page
  2. Click their First Name in the "Your Invites" table on the "Track RSVPs" Page

A Guest Profile holds all the information you need to know about a guest and their experience at your event. The modules on the left hand side of the profile will be visible across all tabs:

Identification Module

  • View or Add a profile image
  • View Guest Company & Title
  • Send Guest Itinerary
  • Resend RSVP Link
  • Preview Itinerary
  • Download Itinerary as PDF
  • View Group & Group Travel dates
  • View companions

Confirmations Module

  • View flight confirmations
  • View ground confirmations
  • View hotel confirmations
  • Track Itinerary status (not sent/sent)

Notes Module

  • Add notes to a guest profile.
  • PRO TIP: Notes will be visible across ALL events. A note you create will automatically be timestamped with your username, date and time.

The "Personal Info" tab contains all the information that a guest had indicated during the RSVP process- including General Information and Travel Preferences.

The History section will display a timeline (with Month + Year) of all the events this guest has been invited to and their RSVP status.

Editing Guest Profiles

To edit a Guest Profile, click on the light blue "Edit Info" button- located next to the "Guest Profile" title at the top of the page. A modal will pop up and you will be able to edit, delete or add content to any of the available fields. 

Once you have edited the profile, click the green "Save" button- located at the bottom of the module. The update information will be reflected on the "Personal Info" tab. 


You can manage a guest's byts within the "Byts" tab of a Guest Profile. 

To remove a byt, uncheck the byt using the checkbox to the left of the byt name. This will remove the byt from the Guest Profile and the byt will not be visible on the Guest Itinerary. 

To change the quantity of a byt, use up or down arrows or manually enter the quantity of the byt in the "Byt Quantity" field. Please note, the quantities that are displayed are defaulted from the "Create New Group" page. Click the green check button to save changes to the byt quantities. 


Adding Custom Byts

A Custom Byt is a byt that does not exist within the group. For example, if you had a group that had airfare and concert tickets only, you could use the "Add Custom Additional Byt" Function to add a Gift Bag to this Guest Profile. 

PRO TIP: You will need to create the byt in the "Event Byts" page first, in order to add this custom byt to a Guest Profile. 

Start by clicking the pink "Add Custom Additional Byts" button on the bottom on the "Byts" tab. 

A modal will appear will a dropdown of all unused byts. Select the byts you would like to add to this profile. Set the quantity of each byt. 

To save changes, click the green "Save" button. These byts will not appear in your byt list within the "Byts" tab. 

Adding Guest Profile Photos

Guests have the option to upload a Profile Picture during the RSVP process. However, if they chose not to upload an image, you will be able to upload one for them in their Guest Profile. 


To upload a profile image, click the default profile image


An uploader will appear. Navigate to the image you would like to use and click "Open"

The image you selected will appear in the upload editor. You will be able to resize and crop the image, as needed, using the blue draggable crop marks. Once you have the image in the desired position, click the green "Save Image" button. 

You can also restore the image back to the default image by clicking the gray "Restore Default" button. 

The profile image will now display in Profile Image circle within the Guest's profile.


Adding Notes to a Guest Profile 

To add a note to a Guest Profile, click the gray "Add Note" button on the Notes module on the left hand side of the Guest Profile.

The "Create Note" modal will appear. You can organize your notes by choosing the appropriate category. You can choose from "Call," "Email," "In Person," or "General."

Once you have determined the note category, you will be able to enter the note content within the text editor. When you have completed the note, click the pink "Save Note" button. 

The note will automatically be timestamped with your username, date and time. The Notes module will organize the notes by event, with the most recent note on top.

To delete a note, click the trash can icon to the left of the note. 

Viewing Guest Confirmation Numbers

The Confirmations module (available on the left hand side of the Guest Profile) will give you a snapshot of all the confirmation numbers- including flight, hotel and ground confirmations. It will also provide the status of the Guest Itinerary (not sent/ sent).

After you add a confirmation in the Travel and Accommodations tab, that number will be available in this module. 

Preview a Guest's Itinerary

As a Ribyt user, you will be able to preview a Guest Itinerary and review before sending it to a guest. 

To preview an itinerary, click the "Preview Itinerary" link located in the Identification module in the Guest Profile. This link will only be available in profiles of guest who have RSVP'd YES.

The Guest Itinerary will open up in a new tab. 

Downloading a Guest's Itinerary

There are two ways to download a Guest Itinerary as a PDF.

1. In the Identification module:

In the Identification module, click the download icon (next to the pink button).

The link will automatically trigger a download. 

After the download is complete, you will be able to view and save the Guest Itinerary, in PDF format.  




2. When viewing the Guest Itinerary:

While viewing a Guest Itinerary, you will have the ability to download the itinerary as a PDF. 

Click the "Download PDF" link in the top right hand corner of the Guest Itinerary. The link will automatically trigger a download. 

After the download is complete, you will be able to view and save the Guest Itinerary, in PDF format.  

Sending Guest Itineraries

You can trigger the Guest Itinerary to be sent by clicking the pink "Send Itinerary" button located in the Identification module of the Guest Profile. 

By clicking this button, your Guest will be sent the "Itinerary Email" created in the "Customize Itinerary" page with a link to view their itinerary. 

PRO TIP: The itinerary link is a live link. Any changes or updates you make within Ribyt will automatically be reflected on the Guest Itinerary.