Where to next?

After flights have been booked, you can add flight details and flight confirmations to a guest's itinerary. Within the Guest Profile, click on the "Travel Tab."

Under the "Air Departure/Return" section, you will see two sections- representing the Departing flight and the Return flight. The information you enter here will be reflected on a Guest Itinerary.

To look up a flight, enter in the flight date, flight carrier and flight number and click the "Flight Lookup" button. Ribyt will search the database for flights within the same parameters. Ribyt will alert you when the search is done. 


You will then be able to select the correct flight from the "Select your Flight" dropdown. All content will auto populate. 

Add a confirmation code and click the  "Save Leg" button. 

If this is a flight that has layovers, you can add another leg of the trip by clicking the "+Add a Leg" button. This will add another input block and allow you to repeat the steps, above.

You can also manually enter flight information by entering all flight fields manually. 



Entering Hotel Confirmation Numbers

After accommodations have been booked, you can add the hotel confirmation number to a guest's itinerary. Within the Guest Profile, click on the "Accommodations" tab.

Add the confirmation number to the "Confirmation Code" field and click the "Save Details" button. 

You can also change the Check-in and Check-out date for this guest. The new date change will be reflected on the Guest Itinerary. 

No Need for a Rooming List Spreadsheet!

Don't want to go to each profile to add a hotel confirmation number? Save time using the Hotel Confirmation Bulk Uploader! This tool will allow you to add multiple confirmation numbers to guest's profiles at once. 

To start, click the "Bulk Hotel Confirmation" button on the top of the "Guest Profiles" page. 

The "Bulk Upload Hotel Confirmations" modal will appear. Here you will be able to upload a .CSV file that contains all hotel confirmation numbers. 

You must separate First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Hotel Confirmation into their own labeled column. These columns must appear in this order to be uploaded successfully.

Ribyt will automatically match the email address to guest that you have invited to your event. Those confirmation numbers will be automatically upload to their guest profile, under the "Accommodations" tab.