Understanding Byts

Byts are the building blocks for your event.  A byt is anything and everything that will be offered to a single guest, a specific group, or everyone being invited. Byts show up in chronological order on the guest itinerary (unless you tell Ribyt to hide the byt). Some examples of byts:

Byts Include All Types

Let's say some of your guests are getting a $50 gift bag and others are getting a $100 gift bag.  You must add BOTH types as separate byts.  Or let's say most guests are getting coach class air, while VIP's are going to get first class air.  BOTH flight types would be entered as separate byts.

Byts Defined

There are 4 types of byts:  Travel, Hotel, Activity, and Bonus.  Below is a description of each type:

  • Travel Byts:  A travel byt is any form of transportation that gets a guest to/from a destination. This could mean a flight, a train, bus or a car service/airport shuttle. IMPORTANT: If some of your guests are getting a first class flight, and others are getting a coach class flight, you must enter BOTH types as separate byts.
  • Hotel Byts: A Hotel Byt is any form of accommodation for any guest. This could mean a hotel, an apartment, a B&B or Airbnb. IMPORTANT: When you add a hotel byt, the dates for check-in and check-out are pre-loaded with the event dates you specified on the Event Setup screen. If guests are arriving and/or departing on different dates, you must create a separate byt for each date range. Also, if you are using multiple properties for guest accommodations, you must enter a separate byt for each property and each date range. Example: Hilton Hotel 3/4/17 - 3/8/17 is one hotel byt. Hilton Hotel 3/5/17 - 3/8/17 is a second hotel byt. Marriott Hotel 3/4/17 - 3/8/17 is a third byt.  SIDE NOTE: Ribyt is developing a Hotel Tool that will allow users to manage complex room blocks using Ribyt. The Hotel Byt will track room types, room nights, and room costs, and provide attrition alerts, real-time pick-up rates and more.
  • Activity Byts: Activity Byts are anything with a place to be and a time to be there. Activity Byts are wide ranging activities and events within the event. This can be anything from a party, dinner, or concert to a meeting, team-building activity, or VIP lunch. 
  • Bonus Byts: Bonus Byts are "extras" or "amenities" that your guests might receive. A bonus byt does NOT have a time or location associated with it. This might include a gift bag, a gift card, cash, a room drop, a hotel or meal credit, etc.  Bonus Byts are normally hidden from the guest itineraries, but can be included if desired. Bonus Byts, and all of their info can be included in any type of report.

Ribyt Data: Dynamic Makes The Difference

(of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.

Understanding how Ribyt manages data is important, as this is where it's value lies. Anyone that does events or manages people knows that there are constant changes to deal with right up to the last minute. So imagine being able to handle all of those changes (big or tiny) in seconds, knowing that every change you make is going to be instantly reflected everywhere it needs to be.

Ribyt was designed to:

  1. Give users the ability to manage event and guest information without having to update it in multiple places.
  2. Give users the ability to easily modify guest data at the event level (applying to all guests), at the group level (applying only to guests in a specific group), or at the individual level (applying to just one guest). Regardless of where the data is changed, it is dynamically updated in all the right places (for itineraries and reporting).
  3. Give users the ability to create completely different guest experiences OR just make one minor change for a specific group. Ribyt keeps track of everything and dynamically updates info in all the right places (for itineraries and reporting).

Everyone On The Same Page

As mentioned in the "How Ribyt Manages Data" section of the user guide, Ribyt is constantly updating guest itineraries and reports as you make changes. That means everyone is on the same page, literally!

Let's say you make a change to a guest's flight. Ribyt will ask you if you'd like to change associated data to coincide with that flight change. If you select "yes", the associated data (airport transfer date/time, hotel arrival date/time, guest lists, etc.) is updated immediately and available/viewable in reports and itineraries. This also applies to communication. If you decide to change a sentence or two in an invitation or revise the welcome message at the top of your itinerary, those changes are immediately reflected.