Bulk Send Itineraries

When you are ready to send Guest Itineraries, you will be able to send them in bulk (instead of one-by-one).

To bulk send itineraries, click the pink "Bulk Itineraries" button in the top right hand corner of the "Guest Profiles" page. 

There are two ways to send itineraries, in bulk:

  1. Send to the entire event (all guests)
  2. Send to guests in selected groups

To send itineraries to all guests in your event, choose "Send to entire Event" in the dropdown. Then, click the green "Send Itineraries" button. 

To send itineraries to a select group/s, choose "Send to select Groups" in the dropdown. You will then be required to select the group you want to send itineraries to. To choose multiple groups, select each group from the dropdown. Once you have selected all the groups, click the green "Send Itineraries" button. 

You will receive an alter notification once your itinerary has been sent successfully.