Sending Invites

Once you have reviewed your Invite List, you are ready to send invites! 

Click the gray "Send Invite" button to send all of the guests that are in your Invite List an email invite. 

If you are not ready to send invites, you can save invites as drafts by clicking the "Save as Draft" button. These invites will be saved the in "Drafts" tab of the "Your Invites" table on the "Track RSVP" page. You will be able to send drafts at any point in the future. 

You can also choose to save invites. You will be able to add guests to your event and have them stored in Ribyt, WITHOUT sending them an invite email. To do this, check the "Do not send invitation email" check box and then click the gray, "Send Invites" button. This will save your guests to the event, however they will not receive an invite email. 

Note: Guests that are saved to the system will display a "Saved" RSVP status in the "Your Invites" table.


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