Send Text Messages to Your Guests

You can send one-way text messages to your guests through Ribyt. To send a text, click the purple "Send SMS" button below the "Your Guests" table on the "Guest Profile" page. 

Choose who you would like to send the text message to. You can choose to send the text message to all guests, guests in a specific group or guests who have a specific byt. (For example: you can send a text to everyone who has a "concert" byt to let them know the concert has been postponed).

To send a text to a specific guest, click the checkbox next to their name in the "Your Guests" table. Click on the purple "Send SMS" button and choose the "Selected Guests" option. This text will only be send to the guests that have been selected in the table. 

You will be able to create the text message content in the text editor labeled "Edit your SMS below:"

When you are ready to send the text message, click the pink "Send SMS" button. 

PRO TIP: Guests MUST opt in to receive text messages (during the RSVP process) in order to receive the message. The text will be sent to the number provided at the time of RSVP. This is a one-way text messaging feature. You will not be able to receive responses in the Ribyt interface.