Share The Burden.

NOTE: In order to share an event with a teammate/colleague, they must already be a Ribyt user under your account OR you need to add them as a user under your account.

Share an Event

There are two places you can go to share your event with a teammate or colleague (which will allow them to work on the event with you).

  1. Go to the Event Dashboard and hover over the event you want to share. You will see a share arrow. Click on the share arrow.
  2. Go to the Event Setup screen and you'll see the "Team Access" section at the bottom of the screen. Click the Share button.  See screenshot to the left and click to enlarge.

Select User Role

Once you click to share, you'll select their Role (Administrator, Host, Fulfillment, Read Only: See User Roles defined below) and search for the User to add.  Click "Share Event" to give them access to the event, or "Cancel" to not share your event.

See screenshot to the left and click to enlarge.

User Roles

Below is a breakdown of the User Roles and the features that each role has access to: