Uploading Contacts to Address Book

To upload contacts to your Address Book, navigate to the "Address Book" page located in the Global dropdown. Click on the pink, "Upload Contacts" button. 

The upload modal will appear. In order to upload your contacts, separate first name, last name, email address and company name into their own labeled column. The columns must appear in the order in order to be uploaded successfully. You must upload a .CSV file. 

If the upload is unsuccessful, Ribyt will prompt an error. 

You have the ability to upload contacts that already exist in Ribyt. If this is the case, you can choose to override the information that is current stored in Ribyt. To do this, choose the "In case of a conflict, information in this spreadsheet will override guest data already stored in Ribyt."

PRO TIP: Only a Client Admin has the ability to upload contacts to the Address Book.