Pricing Plans + Registration Process

Registering for Ribyt is simple.  Select the pricing plan* that fits your anticipated usage level**, fill in the required user data and enter credit card info, agree to terms of service, and you're ready to get started! The image below shows you what the registration widget looks like. Fields with an asterisk are required for registration.

*Note: Our initial launch presents only one user tier:  Professional.  Ribyt will add additional tiers in June, 2016.  
**The Professional plan gives users access to all Ribyt features for $39.99/month + $12.99 per RSVP "yes" for any type of event. The $12.99 will be automatically levied every time a guest RSVP's "yes". User changing RSVP status to "pending" or "no" after the guest has already replied "yes" does not reverse the charge. If the guest RSVP's "yes" and does not end up attending the event, the $12.99 charge is still applicable. $12.99 is per guest, which means each PERSON RSVP'ing "yes" will initiate a charge. For example, if you were to invite 5 people and their companions (+1 each) to an event, and they all RSVP "yes", you would be charged $129.90 (5 x 2 x $12.99 = $129.90). For billing questions, please email us here.

Billing Info + Schedule details will be coming soon!

How To Reset Your Password

Resetting your password is pretty straightforward.  On the Ribyt login screen, select "Forgot Password."  You will then enter the email address you signed up with and click "Send Password Reset."  You should receive an email with a link to reset/change your password.

Once you have signed up for an account, Ribyt will send you an email for verification purposes. Simply click on the "Verify Email" button in the email and follow the instructions. Once your email has been verified, you're ready to start using Ribyt!