Viewing Guest Profiles

As you send & save invites, Ribyt will automatically create profiles for each one of your guests. You will be able to access a Guest Profile two ways:

  1. Click their First or Last Name in the "Guest Profiles" table on the "Profile" page
  2. Click their First Name in the "Your Invites" table on the "Track RSVPs" Page

A Guest Profile holds all the information you need to know about a guest and their experience at your event. The modules on the left hand side of the profile will be visible across all tabs:

Identification Module

  • View or Add a profile image
  • View Guest Company & Title
  • Send Guest Itinerary
  • Resend RSVP Link
  • Preview Itinerary
  • Download Itinerary as PDF
  • View Group & Group Travel dates
  • View companions

Confirmations Module

  • View flight confirmations
  • View ground confirmations
  • View hotel confirmations
  • Track Itinerary status (not sent/sent)

Notes Module

  • Add notes to a guest profile.
  • PRO TIP: Notes will be visible across ALL events. A note you create will automatically be timestamped with your username, date and time.

The "Personal Info" tab contains all the information that a guest had indicated during the RSVP process- including General Information and Travel Preferences.

The History section will display a timeline (with Month + Year) of all the events this guest has been invited to and their RSVP status.

Editing Guest Profiles

To edit a Guest Profile, click on the light blue "Edit Info" button- located next to the "Guest Profile" title at the top of the page. A modal will pop up and you will be able to edit, delete or add content to any of the available fields. 

Once you have edited the profile, click the green "Save" button- located at the bottom of the module. The update information will be reflected on the "Personal Info" tab.