Upload A Guest List

Tired of filtering and managing spreadsheets while compiling your guest list? You can dynamically manage your guest list within Ribyt. This is a "working" guest list so you can edit it at anytime.

To create a Guest List, navigate to the "Guest List" page. Click the pink "Upload Contacts" button. Here, you can upload your spreadsheet to Ribyt. 

For a successful upload, your spreadsheet must be formatted correctly:

  • Separate First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Company Name into their own labeled columns 
  • The columns MUST appear in this order 
  • Save your file as a .CSV

Ribyt provides a template spreadsheet. Click the "Download a Template .CSV" to download a correctly formatted document.

Once you have your document formatted in the correct way, click the "Choose File" button and locate your file. Click the pink "Upload Contacts" button to begin the upload. 

PRO TIP: Ribyt will scan the file for errors. If an error is found, Ribyt will provide you with the line number of that error. For example, if an email address is missing a "@" on line 5, the report will notify you of an incorrect email address on line 5. You will need to adjust all errors before uploading the file. The file upload will not be completed.