Your Invites List

The "Your Invites" list will help you keep track of all of your invites and can be used as a snapshot of the invite process. 

In the table there are two tabs- "Sent" and "Drafts"


The table will display the Name, Company, Group and Guest Activity of all of your guests. It will also track companion information- including Companion Activity. 

Below you will find a description of the Guest Activity status:

  • Yes - a guest has RSVP'd yes (with date and timestamp).
  • No - a guest has RSVP'd no (with date and timestamp).
  • Clicked - a guest clicked on the link in the email but did not complete their RSVP.
  • Opened - a guest opened the email invitation, but did not click on the RSVP Link.
  • Forfeit - this Guest status is manually updated within Ribyt. A forfeit RSVP can be used when you do not want to reuse this guest’s invite or when they cancelled their trip after travel was booked.
  • Sent - a guest's email invitation has been sent successfully (with date and timestamp).
  • Saved - a guest has been saved to the Ribyt database and they have not been sent an invite email  (with date and timestamp).